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During this entertaining and informative webinar, we’ll cover the basic principles behind market validation, review Expertcity’s $10 Million dollar mistake (what not to do), and take a look at how AppFolio, GoToMeeting, and SecureDocs used market validation to help ensure market entry against well-known player.

Through this webinar, you will learn:

  • The principles of market validation
  • Consequences of failing to properly validate (the $10 million dollar mistake)
  • Lessons to optimize any startup's chance of success
  • How applying these concepts will help you raise capital

Meet the Presenter: 

Albert Oaten is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and market validation expert. As a part of a 14-year collaboration with Klaus Schauser of AppFolio, Albert helped develop and bring to market the GoTo line of products, AppFolio Property Manager, and now SecureDocs Virtual Data Room.